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YAY! [24 Feb 2007|03:23pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Ok, I know this community has been pretty dormant for a while, but I thought I might as well post in here briefly, just in case!

Today has been the best training session I've had in absolutely ages. I've been doing 1n3s in the rig for quite a while now, and after I requalified to grade 2, I promised my coach that I'd take them out of the rig, but ended up being too scared. Today, I reluctanly did 3 in the rig (was shattered and not in the mood) and then got told that I was going to do them out. I then spent about ten minutes with three people trying to persuade me to do it, me jumping and stopping and people just looking at me. One of my coaches nearly had me in tears she was pressurizing me that much, and I refuse to let myself cry of training, and she was majorly pissing me off so I just went for it. It was obviously the right thing for her to do, because it was really good :D:D:D:D I suprised myself so much, and I really did like it! I ended up doing seven onto the mat :D:D It was fantastic! Going to make sure that I work on them every session so that I can keep them good!

My rudis are also getting on quite well - I can do them with a spotter and a mat and keep it in the middle, but my arms automatically keep coming up instead of going down. Anyone got any tips?

Sorry for the long post!

Love Bex

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[07 Nov 2006|10:30pm]

[ mood | blah ]

This community has been neglected and it makes me sad :( so I shall post.

Trampolining for me is not going too badly at the moment, but not too great either.  The other week was my last chance to retain grade 2 at a competition in Birmingham.  All my training up until the day was going really really well, and I was quite confidant I'd do it as I only missed by 0.6 at Reading.  However, I did not do two fantastic routines and didn't get the score.  I think it was mostly due to nerves, made worse by the pressure I put on myself.  I only do it because it means so much to me, and I'm my own worst enemy, so if anyone has any tips for not getting nervous, they'd be much appreciated.

Since then, my training has gone downhill considerably.  I don't know if it's because I'm tired, because I've got other things on my mind, or whether it's me getting upset about not retaining and then frustrating myself, but whatever it is, it needs to stop.  My routines are a mess and I have the SW championships on Sunday, and my fears have got worse.  

I guess everyone has down times though, so quitting is NOT on the agenda.

How's everyone else getting on?

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[01 Nov 2006|11:24pm]

BBC Sports Personality 2006

Beth Tweddle needs your vote – World Champion Gymnast.

First round of nominations – you must vote before 15th NOVEMBER

Go to British Gymnastics and follow the link in the article to the voting page.
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Grade 2 - Reading [30 Sep 2006|09:21pm]


Today was the grade 2 competition in Reading, so I went up.

I was on first thing, so my whole competition was over and done with pretty early.  My warm ups were all pretty good; much better than they have been in training because I'd had a talk with Claire after training on Wednesday and we kind of sorted out my nerves.  My set went ok, but there was a lot of travel because I was nervous, but my vol was pretty damn good :-).  In the end I was only 0.6 off the retaining score, so hopefully I'll make it in Birmingham.  Liv, are you coming up?

The rest of the day I spent helping Hannah and Claire out, and I got so much closer to them than I ever thought I could.  They're lovely people, and Claire is ::such:: a fantastic coach.  

If you guys do any comps let me know how they go!  Think there is a grading next weekend...there certainly is down here!

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[27 Jul 2006|10:19pm]

I don't remember if I posted about T&T nationals a few weeks ago, but I have a video of my tramp routine along with some videos from practice that I thought I'd share. (:

Videos, videos and more videos!Collapse )

x-posted quite a bit.
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[09 Jul 2006|10:18pm]

I fell off the trampoline today for the first time ever. Scared the shit out of our little ones but it was actually kind of fun for me rather than scary!
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[10 Jun 2006|06:13pm]

Okay, I just lost my entire entry by somehow selecting all the text in the middle of typing and deleting it. Wow, even I'm impressed with that haha.

Anyways, came 2nd in grade 6 u17. Yes yes grade 6 I know I know, gotta move up to grade 4 next time though, argh. Missed the England game and spent my time sat in a stuffy sports hall in Birmingham - the fun!
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[06 Jun 2006|03:38pm]

Wow...It's been AGES since I've written here. And I check here maybe even daily, SO WRITE THINGS PEOPLE! I read them, and look forward to reading what others have written. I form responses in my mind as well; I am just sorry that sometimes it gets too hard to do the process of writing and hitting reply...

I have news, and not so good news, and lots and lots of updates, but I will post this story first and then another thread for the rest of it.

One really annoying thing was after about a month of doing rudis perfectly fine EVERY time (including b/s-rudi-b/s), one day I just got up and lost them. So they're a little inconsistant now, but I'm working on it.

Here is something I wrote after last Friday's training (which was the first good one I'd had in a while, say two-three weeks):

Trampolining was so fun tonight. It was such a good training session, which was very relieving, because the last two weeks have been shocking. My back now is a little sore, for the second day in a row, but I think that is from landing double backs funny, and it just needs to be massaged out.
I didn’t feel like training at all today. In fact, I was dreading it. Everything was just getting so hard – all the basic stuff, even just somersaulting – and I was thinking more and more about quitting. Except that would be going against the goal I have to ‘retire’; that is, to finish on MY terms, having accomplished what I wanted, in both competition (or had a chance to), and skill wise. Retirement is so much better than quitting – giving up. How silly would I feel in a few months, especially September, if I’d given up because it was “just too hard”?!?! It comes back to my favourite quote for trampolining
“When you look at a man at the top of a mountain, remember he didn’t fall there.”
To me, that explains and makes me go “dah, silly” that trampolining IS hard. It is meant to be difficult and frustrating, just like that mountain climber’s climb – that was never going to be a perfect journey, and that mountain climber would have prepared for that. He would have had the proper support, food, survival kit, friends and communication, and of course many months of physical preparation. However, with each step he takes, running or walking, he is one step closer to the top, one step closer to achieving his goal. Every time he goes for a run, he is building a base, and building more bricks on his wall. He is careful to plan wisely and train smartly so to keep on building the wall both upwards and outwards, and to never leave holes or gaps or use poor quality concrete so that it would crumble and fall. This quote is encouraging to me, rather than disappointing, because it shows that I have to be realistic in my goals. Climb a smaller mountain before I climb Everest. Push a little harder, jump a little higher, wait a little longer, and think hard about what you are doing. Remember that in the end, the man did reach the top.

Friday June 2, 2006
A few gains in training today:
40 points. Normally for things like bar-dbl, or b/s-rudi, I’d be set the hollow skills to do for 40 points. Well, I did the first two choices (b/s T, bar P and bar S, b/s S), even getting a 10 on the first one! But then I got to do b/s P-rudi to a mat, a few jumps (after getting the mat out) and then again. A really quick way to get me to have a rudi go, and 3/5 were to feet completely! But even better was bar-dbl, well ok more exciting, because I’d love to be able to do 10 in a row of it. I can’t wait to be able to do doubles in a row either! I had to do bar, dbl tuck, and then 2-3 jumps before the next one. I had the mat held there, just in case. I landed the first one fine (to my shock!), next two crashed, but the last two fine. I really need to keep on trying to visualize and connecting the two skills properly. I told Sam that in my head, a barani-double back is like a roundoff, backhandspring – a fast, long and low connection. When in reality it is more like a round off, back sault, which has a round off which finishes, and then a punch into the air. I need to finish my barani, sink into the trampoline, look, wait, and then rise before I even start my double back. Problems with the barani P-dbl T in my vol need the same application: I was taking off for a double back still leaning over and low from not finishing the barani piked properly!
My vol. We had to do first 3, first 5, first 7, last 3, last 5, last 7 today. I did that (minus the HO and the FTB), even managed some rudis on the end of first 5!!! YAY!!!! It was good to finally start putting bits of a vol together and get them going, but what was better was that I kept on trying to make each bit better. And if I stacked a double back to my face (which I did), and the next one to my hands and knees, I got really determined to do it properly and land (and stay) on my feet. When I finally did get a last 5 to my feet, I was very happy.
Pit work – double front piked and double back piked. We had pit time today, and Sam asked Belinda what I was doing and it was “double fronts piked and double backs piked.” I was really surprised that I was onto double front piked! I know it is the next logical skill progression but I never imagined myself up to them. I was supposed to do some more half out tucks on tramp today but I didn’t get to. I was just surprised that then I didn’t do them into the pit. Anyway, the first three double front pikes were typical of what I’ve done before – between 630* (1 & 3) and 720* rotation, and as I’ve kicked out I’ve not had enough time or rotation to land standing so I’ve landed flatback. Belinda asked to see one, and I completely surprised myself by landing 100% on my feet! The next one wasn’t as great, but she just said that the first salto was very slow, and also that it was one very loose pike (or, “a long way to your knees when they’re all the way down there!,” meaning an insufficient pike). I am still not convinced that if I got up on the trampoline I would land these on my feet. I think less than 50% of the time at first. So they will have to get much better before I can start practicing half out pike, and the thought of doing that on tramp in a routine just scares me! Half out pike is just like a piked barani, but worse, because there’s MORE! Piked doubles seem to scare me – I just don’t get piked skills, and maybe just watching Ness do so many icky pike half outs (with a lack of extended kickout) has affected my bias. I could only imagine they’d then be the start of my routine.
Piked double backs, I only got to do one of. And it was not great – like the other horrid ones I have done. Which really bugs me, because they used to be nice. I will need to get to the pit sometime and just practice them – practice taking off, looking at the window and not going too far back/leaning back until I see my toes, and then just locking my legs straight. That’s the other thing that bugs me – I tend to not be able to do them with legs bent the same amount! Sheesh! At least have a neat form break…

Other skills
I’ve mucked around in the pit a few times trying Arabians out. I’ve done Arabians to back, and then tucked them to stand, and then done a 1 ¼ (by mistake). I’d like to work on them and get them better so that I can start spinning fast at the right point so I could do half in 1 & 3. The half outs on tramp aren’t such a big deal anymore, and with this entry not being so difficult, the skill doesn’t seem to scare me. I think because I have done so many back 1/2s, the early turn-then-salto doesn’t affect me. It is just on take off where I will end up gaining the maximum travel. The take off is crucial: you need to turn so that you are not going into the somersault flat, but still rising over the top, and you need to start spinning not too early, but not too late.
Half outs. I have done a few on tramp, still probably less than 10. Some of them turn early, landing hands and knees, but then the rest are ok. It still is a little scary thinking when you are jumping “half out”, and then having to wait till you’ve somi’d long enough before you kick and turn. I still freak out that I will turn early. I hope I can learn these super neat – I have the take off nicely done, a firm press and set, and a good “attack” like Belinda says (and then says “I wish you’d attack all your other skills the same way you do your double fronts”) and I’ve even found when I point my toes, the salto goes faster (feels like a triff looks too), and I can kick out neater. Anyway, I want to learn them perfect (like the nice kickout that Bethany/Jason/Michael/Blake do), have my toes held back, so I can learn ½ out-dbl tuck for my vol. In my mind and logically, they will probably be the first combination of doubles I learn. My double back needs LOTS of work in my attitude towards it, both in the lack of kickout, but that comes secondary at the moment to the need to finish the skill, and then lift up into the next one properly. The way I do it now, there is no chance that I could land double back-double front, even.
I’d also like to try 1 jump-double front, and see how far I can get, and work on 1 jump double backs.
I have not worked on full twist backs in a while. I need to get this skill consistent, I need to have barani-FTB right, and I need to just be forced to do it almost. It’s a problem that it has been a year and I still don’t have them consistently like before. I don’t have enough time in training with all the skills that I am working on for extra skill learning time; I need to figure out what it is I do wrong and how to fix it.
I think I also should film some training too, both for my enjoyment and friends/family, but also to see what I do and what I am needing to work on. I really want to see what my straight skills look like, and what my doubles and rudi look like. Having recently just lost the rudi (briefly for one training I just spazzed out), and then getting it back first go next training, I’d like to get my legs permanently together and straight arms! Maybe I am creating a list for myself to do at veterans…I did straight back, rudi today for the first time and it was fine. It is good to have them back; I should just practice a few more off DMT so that I can be extra prepared for the landing (visually, mentally sorted) so the back sault after is fine. I have done b/s-rudi-b/s; I just am a bit anxious after hurting my knee. But time, practice and perseverance will help me. 

  Strength and body wise.  I have really been struggling cardio-vascularly, mainly I suppose because my fitness has just faded with quitting running and not keeping up with my visits to the gym.  I have started running again, which is great, and also means I am rediscovering muscles I didn’t realize hadn’t been conditioned in so long!!! (Like all my ankle ligaments – owwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee!  They hurt at training the next time!)  Running is helping me shed some fat which I’ve gained (I had an, erm, “big break” after comp season finished), but only a tiny bit so far.  That’s ok, because I don’t plan on stopping running any time soon!  I want it as a habit for life, now that I’ve realized I can do it again and not break...  I’ve also been trying to work hard at my strength these last few weeks.  After injuring my knee, I did so much strength in rehab, but when I went back into training I just didn’t keep it up, and so all the strength I gained I just lost again.  I’ve been trying to push myself, trying to attain basic standards – things like being able to do 40 Vsnaps or pushups.  I’m working (again) towards trying to be able to do a kip, so the things I need to be able to do well and consistently are leg lifts, chin ups, Vsnaps, and other assorted strength.  I can swing a chinup (lifting the last little bit); I hope that I can work on it enough so that I can do chin ups from hang by the end of the term. 

  When I will retire is a funny thing.  I am glad I stuck around this year: I definitely didn’t feel ready or like it was ‘time’ to give it up then.  I wanted to kick those rudi’s and I definitely would have missed it.  I did, however, go into this year much wiser.  I was cautious in setting nationals as a goal, because I knew how hard it would be and how much work it would require.  And purely due to the timing of it, how unlikely it would be.  The knee injury really proved it, but as well now, a month out from nationals, I am only working on a routine with 7.1DD.  Sure, the double pike could replace the double tuck and I’d be there, and the double tuck the back sault tuck, and I’d get 7.8DD, but still not enough neatness or control or knowing in all of that.  I don’t ever want to go to nationals knowing I will bomb or doubting my ability; I want to be strong and confident.  I want to know that I am worthy of being there, and that I have my place with my fellow NSW team-mates (who currently are all kicking my butt in terms of difficulty.  Hell, even ***** and ***** are constantly!).  So New Zealand is the goal.  And winning the 17+ individual trampoline title is the dream.  COACH made a reference to “thinking about the set routine so for next year’s nationals” and I kind of laughed in my head at it.  I have not thought about sticking around next year.  I would love to qualify for nationals, but it is such a long time away.  In reality, I could finish after New Zealand (because they have moved State RSLs – better not be August 13 because that is the City to Surf – to August) and there is a State Levels Comp, which I don’t see the large value in sticking around for, especially after three weeks off and having then to compete the next weekend!  And well!  I would consider it more if it were State RSLs – I would hope to be able to compete Open (a dream I’ve always had) and help out our club, to win the title.  However, if I stayed I’d have a lot of time to learn new skills, so to compete probably a minimum of three doubles at the qualifying comps next year.  But I think I’d only stick around if I thought I had a chance of making the worlds team.  And that’s a BIG ask.  But there are also some big skills I could see myself working on, like rudi outs (they would be AWESOME to do I think), and HIHO.  It would be really gratifying to all my technical and mental knowledge if I could start to put it together more in routines.  I watch international elites and I am just amazed at how they can keep going, even if they land incorrectly or low – they just seem to find the way back.  Surely there is a reward in there somewhere for someone like me who craves knowing the detail of getting better, and being mentally aware of every aspect of the sport.

Sheesh.  What HAVEN'T I said?  (If my coaches/team-mates have found this page - I am going to run and hide - just take it with a grain of salt, and feel free to discuss it with me)

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Competition [04 Jun 2006|09:10pm]

So today was the Spirals Interclub Novice competition.

It took me a couple of weeks to persuade my girls to take part, and they were really nervous. They're both 15, and although they can both do Tuck Backs, they entered the grade 6 competition. One was going to do a BSS routine for her vol, but in warm ups, she did one over rotated and one short one, and the head coach (even though she doesn't know Sophie) said really rudely that she wasn't allowed to compete it. Whatever. We switched her routine to the full twist routine which just ends with a FSS.

They were both sooo nervous, and their warmups didn't go great. Jackie was lying second after the set, which she was really suprised about. She has no self-confidence, and is scared of everything, but has beautiful form! I think Sophie was lying 4th out of 5, which wasn't bad. In their vols, they both did amazingly! Jackie ended up winnng, and Sophie pulled up to third! They were both over the moon, and Jackie was in tears! It's so lovely to know that your kids are good and are actually benefitting from your coaching :):):) I'm so happy for them! (and they beat both the senior coaches pupils lol)

Judged for the other two sessions. The first one went really well and I was really close to the other markers which was good, but the last session was a nightmare and I completely lost it. I think I was just tired.

Got to see some of my old pupils compete as well, two with somis! I was so proud of them!


Grade 3,4,5 next weekend.
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OMAG! [15 May 2006|09:39pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

Oh. My. God.

Training today was AMAZING!

I made EVERY set I went for, and they were actually pretty darn good! My fulls were neat, my crash dives were high, my ball out baranis went up! It felt amazing!

After sets/vols though, I went to do a rudi, with someone ready to catch me when I landed, and a matter, and I did it, and fell off! First time I have EVER fallen off in 7 years of trampolining...and it was the funniest thing! I kinda landed, fell, backward rolled off the side, landed on my feet on the mat on the floor, slipped and ended up on my arse! We were all laughing SO much! AND I only hurt my little finger a tiny bit!

Anyway, after that, I got back on, and did 2 full twisting fronts and another rudi. lol.

When I got back on next go, Lyndsey wouldn't let me do rudis, so I did some barani ball outs piked, which were really really fun.

SOOOO...best session I've had in a LONG while...

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HAPPY!!!!!!!!! [05 Apr 2006|09:40pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

OMG! I am sooo happy! I've had the best training session I've had in a looong while. I don't usually train wednesdays but I had to to make up hours (dancing show/rehearsals mean I have to miss training a few times) and it actually paid off! I wasn't in the mood to train, but when I got there and got put with Nigel, I was happy. Training with Sophie and Tania (who are a fair bit older than me) motivates me and so I actually wanted to work more than usual. Did some really nice sets which were mostly 15.65 secs, but one was 15.85 secs! My vols were low, but they were neat. I don't get why my vol is lower than my set when it's easier, but whatever!

Then Nigel suggested I do some double backs in the rig and I freaked. I was shaking I was so scared. I told him I was and he said that I should do 1 3/4 fronts instead. I was still sooo frightened. I have a rather large fear issue over doing anything more than a single somi, so when I got in the rig I was shaking so much. Nigel took me through it slowly; first I did a tuck front to front and he held me in the front drop position. Then he told me to take it to handstand so I did, but over-rotated, and then he told me to just go for it and I did! It was sooo easy! Not at all how I thought it would feel! I knew exactly when to open out, and I after I had landed the first one no problem I was fine! Nigel thought that they were ready to take out of the rig by the end and I'd only done 12! I was so happy! That's a big achievement for me :) Tania is so lovely though. She encouraged me the whole time. When she's not there (she's at uni so I only see her in the holidays) nobody does that and I dunno what it is, but it motivates me and makes me happier that someone else is actually interested in my achievements!

After I'd finished working my 1 3/4s I didn't stop! I carried on working! That NEVER happens. NEVER! I got straight back on the trampoline and did rudis! AND I GOT THEM ALL THE WAY ROUND! A very rare occasion. I can do them into the pit without a fuss, but I always land on my back, and today I got three all the way round to (sort of) feet (one i was on two feet and a hand lol.)

So, I apologise for the long winded and probably rather boring entry, but I had to tell people who understand my achievements and why I am happy - people at trampolining don't appear to care as they are all better than me, and none of my other mates understand, so i'm afraid you guys get lumbered with it!

Anyway! Peace Out!

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[24 Mar 2006|12:21am]

This week's been an interesting week at training - I've done some real random things (piked bss to seat, full twisting fss in all three shapes etc) but I've done some things I'm really proud of too. I did CD/BBO/BSS and Rudi?bss yesterday, both of which I've never done before. The BBO/BB wasn't so bad, I knew I could make it go over, the Rudi/BSS was another matter, but they went. Everyone I tried went over just fine. I could do with a little more control but that'll come with time and practice.

I also did... drum roll... halfout/straight bss tonight!! Yay!!!!! I have been building up to this for a long time because the first time I ever tried it I WAY overrotated the bss and landed on my neck really badly, so it's taken me a long long time to build back the courage to go for it. But I did it tonight, and I need more control there too, but I did it!! Yay! Roll on G1 set now I can work out of halfout and rudi and bbo! I'll be set in no time.

Then I've just got the minor task of qualifying out of G3 to bother with.
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YAY! [20 Mar 2006|09:32pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Guess who's happy!!

Tonight at training was the best I have had in a long long while. We have a new coach called Lindsay who is really really good. My group haven't had a proper coach on a monday for quite a while now, and now that we have, everyone is bothering to work. Before, people weren't having there goes, refused to mat, spent 3 hours on the trampoline talking to the spotters etc. It was sooo annoying, but today they didn't and it was great! I did so much!

I did a load of drills, two decent sets, nearly one vol, work on my straight back, straight barani, full, and then LOADS of rudi work! AND I MADE ONE RUDI! YAY! Lindsay was a really really good coach, and I dunno where she came from or anything, but it's great, and now I'm babbling coz I'm happy...


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[12 Mar 2006|10:08pm]

So it was our region's Grade 3 and 4 yesterday - the 2nd one under the new judging. There was also a Grade 2 DMT comp running at the same time, and I was competing G3 tramp and Grade 2 DMT = chaos!

I was terrified in trampolining because I was supposed to be competing with a halfout at the start of my vol - my first double in competition ever... I was so so scared, even for my set, knowing that this was coming up! It's been fine in training recently, but you know what it's like competing a new move for the first time, especially if it's one you're not 100% on, and if it's your first ever double! Anyway, the set was fine... first time in a long time I've felt like I did the routine in competition like I can do it in training so that was good. I scored mid 7s for it. Vol warm ups went ok but I over-rotated the halfout almost every time, but was too paranoid that it wouldn't get round in the actual routine to change the take-off any! Anyway, it landed fine in the competition! The straddle after it was a .4 deduction from most judges, but it deserved to be! But Yay!!! I competed a double!!! I came 12th out of 18 overall, which for me and that group wasn't bad at all.

DMT was a different story - I was competing against all people that I knew. I therefore knew what they could do. A couple of them could have beaten me on form, but I could compete a rudi that none of them could and it came down to a decision on the day as to whether or not to go for form and stick the landings, and risk them beating me on form, or whether or not to go for tariff and risk the landing... tough decision. I went for form in the end and won by 0.2! I was pleased I won like that though because I won on a level playing field... I was very proud! That's my first ever 1st place! I got a nice shiny glass trophy! Oh, and team 2nd for tramp and team 1st for DMT so two medals as well!
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[28 Feb 2006|02:11pm]

I'd like to offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Chris Fordham who sadly passed away yesterday as a result of the injury he sustained whilst training last week. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, coaches and colleagues at this sad time.
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[25 Feb 2006|06:51pm]

Injuries suck...

My hip/lower back had been hurting for a while, and it wan't too bad until last Monday after training. It was really quite painful to put weight on, and I then stupidly went training again on monday. By Thursday I could barely walk, so I went to the doctors. Turns out I have strained a muscle in my lower back and he prescribed cuprofen gel. Nice one me. He said I couldn't train until it's better, but I knew that if I didn't do that, I'd lose EVERYTHING, and lose so much fitness. I know EVERYTHING is exaggerating a li'l bit, but I'd lose anything that was worth anything (my full, what is there of my rudi, and my cd, bbo). I had PE at school on Thursday, so instead of joining in with the "table" tennis or badminton, I stretched for 80 minutes. I didn't do anything that made it hurt, but not a lot did, it was just putting weight on it, and afterwards it was quite sore, but no worse than before.

Still had to go coaching yesterday, and decided that instead of having 10 minutes on the tramps while the kids warmed up, i would join in the warm up. Managed to do forward rolls to straddle/pike no problem, and some jumping, but then it started to hurt so I stopped. Got on the trampoline and did bed warm ups as well, and it was fine, so i kept having a go every now and then. I was pretty much on the tramp the whole time anyway, because all 4 of my girls needed either hand supporting in pike fronts, or catching in tuck backs or tuck fronts. Ended up demonstrating several routines and moves and it was fine. It was a bit stiff afterwards but not too bad.

Seeing as it wasn't too bad yesterday I also decided to go training today. I was really wary, as on Saturday's we usually do a really long, difficult warm up, and we did (I HATE NO HANDED FORWARD ROLLS!) and it was fine. Got to the beds and I explained to my coach and she said to take it eay and stop if it hurt and I was all ready to attempt a set and then have to stop, but it was fine. It didn;'t hurt at all! I managed several sets, and even some rudis! I was amazed!

Shows just how wrong doctors can be though doesn't it. I think everyone knows that if you completely stop doing something because of an injury (unless it's serious) then it has bad effects...

Sorry, that was a very long, and very pointless ranmble.
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[19 Feb 2006|04:42pm]

So it was the judging course this weekend. There were 12 of us doing it - Nigel, Jodi, Hannah, Soph, Luke, Tom, Me, Amy, Nicky (my dance teacher and a mum), Karen (a mum), Tracy (an ex trampolininst) and Sharon (a mum). It was difficult at first - I kept being to generous. I think I was marking on the old system for a while, giving mostly 2 deductions, but then Kay said that a 3 deduction was now classed as a good deduction so I took that as my main deduction and then added deductions or took them as necessary. It worked quite well!

We judged 50 videod routines yesterday, and about 20 today as well as doing recording practice (Boring. I always do computer recording purely because my dad is the computer person for the south west, and the stuff we had to do, nobody does anymore; they leave it and just use the numbers the computer gives, even the manual recorders tend to rely on the computer to do the maths for them!). We also did some theory. We did our exams this afternoon. For the practical, we had to judge 5 routines. I don't think I did too badly, but my adding up went to pot. lol. Hopefully I passed but I'm not confident that I did! I gave quite a lot of 1 deductions. I was probably too generous. The written exam seemed awful...There were some questions that just didn't seem to make sense "What are the 4 jobs of an execution judge?" - wtf? lol. I wrote something like judge unbiasedly, judge consistantly, pay attention to the panel they are judging, and make deductions etc. I don't think I was the only one who found that hard though.

Unofficial results on Wednesday.
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Comp season starts tomorrow... [18 Feb 2006|10:03pm]
First comp tomorrow. My only, only goal is that I get that STUPID qualifying score that I need to qualify to age.


It's ridiculous. I can do double backs in routines, barani-double back, FTB, RUDI, half outs, double pikes, and I'm competing in a level where my compulsory routine has only three somersaults. It ends with a straddle jump!!!

But somehow, getting that necessary score - I always fall just oh so close every time, or a judge screws me over.

Fingers crossed.
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[13 Feb 2006|12:49pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

This week we have a team from Denmark, and a team from City of Liverpool visiting the gym. As it's half term, the coaches decided we should train during the day - girls and boys seperately, unless you are hosting someone from Denmark. It was the girls et el this morning. We warmed up for a little while, using the tumble run and stuff. Not interesting. Then we got put into groups. I got put with one of the Danish coaches with Sophie from Liverpool, the other Becca from OLGA and Kamilla from Denmark. It was coolie. I did some sets and stuff and a vol and then she started teaching me rudis.

She told me to do a PFSS, and the a PBar. Then she told me to hold my arms by my side after the PBar, and carry on twisting, so I did. I was getting 1 1/4 twists by the 4th one! Then I did some straight ones and they were getting round easily too. Has anyone else learnt a rudi from a pike front?

In the last half an hour we had to go over to the gym side and do ballet with a Romanian coach called Maria. It was good fun, but I ache loads now (WAY better than usual stuff we do though!)

Can't wait to go back on Wednesday!

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W00H!!!! [12 Feb 2006|08:25pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Today was the first Grade 2 of the season in Bournemouth, and I COMPETED!!!!!!!!! YAY!

I was really nervous as I've never competed grade 2 before, and I didn't really know any of the officials and stuff, whereas at a 3,4,5 I know EVERYONE! It was cool though because I got to meet a few people. I was also really nervous about competing my new set, with a full, as I've only been doing it off the mat for about 3 sessions (it also didn't help that both my PE teacher and my boyfriend turned up to watch!) My warm ups for my set were all a little shaky, and the warm up for my vol was pretty damn good.

My set went really really well in competition, and I got 7.2-7.6! I got off the trampoline with a huge grin on my face, and dad told me it was one of the best sets of my age group!! My vol didn't go so well. The beginning was good, but I had too much rotation for the crash dive and ended up doing a fss. When I realised that it was only move 8, I added a pike front and a tuck barani on the end to make it up to 10 moves, but the barani landed on the end deck. I was a bit pissed off because I only got 5s, but Iit didn't bother me much because I know that I did a good set, which was the hard bit! AND...I still got a team medal because we had the only team in the age group!

Liv, you'd better come to Macclesfield, even if you're not competing!!

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