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Today was the first Grade 2 of the season in Bournemouth, and I COMPETED!!!!!!!!! YAY!

I was really nervous as I've never competed grade 2 before, and I didn't really know any of the officials and stuff, whereas at a 3,4,5 I know EVERYONE! It was cool though because I got to meet a few people. I was also really nervous about competing my new set, with a full, as I've only been doing it off the mat for about 3 sessions (it also didn't help that both my PE teacher and my boyfriend turned up to watch!) My warm ups for my set were all a little shaky, and the warm up for my vol was pretty damn good.

My set went really really well in competition, and I got 7.2-7.6! I got off the trampoline with a huge grin on my face, and dad told me it was one of the best sets of my age group!! My vol didn't go so well. The beginning was good, but I had too much rotation for the crash dive and ended up doing a fss. When I realised that it was only move 8, I added a pike front and a tuck barani on the end to make it up to 10 moves, but the barani landed on the end deck. I was a bit pissed off because I only got 5s, but Iit didn't bother me much because I know that I did a good set, which was the hard bit! AND...I still got a team medal because we had the only team in the age group!

Liv, you'd better come to Macclesfield, even if you're not competing!!
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