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Guess who's happy!!

Tonight at training was the best I have had in a long long while. We have a new coach called Lindsay who is really really good. My group haven't had a proper coach on a monday for quite a while now, and now that we have, everyone is bothering to work. Before, people weren't having there goes, refused to mat, spent 3 hours on the trampoline talking to the spotters etc. It was sooo annoying, but today they didn't and it was great! I did so much!

I did a load of drills, two decent sets, nearly one vol, work on my straight back, straight barani, full, and then LOADS of rudi work! AND I MADE ONE RUDI! YAY! Lindsay was a really really good coach, and I dunno where she came from or anything, but it's great, and now I'm babbling coz I'm happy...

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