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OMG! I am sooo happy! I've had the best training session I've had in a looong while. I don't usually train wednesdays but I had to to make up hours (dancing show/rehearsals mean I have to miss training a few times) and it actually paid off! I wasn't in the mood to train, but when I got there and got put with Nigel, I was happy. Training with Sophie and Tania (who are a fair bit older than me) motivates me and so I actually wanted to work more than usual. Did some really nice sets which were mostly 15.65 secs, but one was 15.85 secs! My vols were low, but they were neat. I don't get why my vol is lower than my set when it's easier, but whatever!

Then Nigel suggested I do some double backs in the rig and I freaked. I was shaking I was so scared. I told him I was and he said that I should do 1 3/4 fronts instead. I was still sooo frightened. I have a rather large fear issue over doing anything more than a single somi, so when I got in the rig I was shaking so much. Nigel took me through it slowly; first I did a tuck front to front and he held me in the front drop position. Then he told me to take it to handstand so I did, but over-rotated, and then he told me to just go for it and I did! It was sooo easy! Not at all how I thought it would feel! I knew exactly when to open out, and I after I had landed the first one no problem I was fine! Nigel thought that they were ready to take out of the rig by the end and I'd only done 12! I was so happy! That's a big achievement for me :) Tania is so lovely though. She encouraged me the whole time. When she's not there (she's at uni so I only see her in the holidays) nobody does that and I dunno what it is, but it motivates me and makes me happier that someone else is actually interested in my achievements!

After I'd finished working my 1 3/4s I didn't stop! I carried on working! That NEVER happens. NEVER! I got straight back on the trampoline and did rudis! AND I GOT THEM ALL THE WAY ROUND! A very rare occasion. I can do them into the pit without a fuss, but I always land on my back, and today I got three all the way round to (sort of) feet (one i was on two feet and a hand lol.)

So, I apologise for the long winded and probably rather boring entry, but I had to tell people who understand my achievements and why I am happy - people at trampolining don't appear to care as they are all better than me, and none of my other mates understand, so i'm afraid you guys get lumbered with it!

Anyway! Peace Out!
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