Bex (bexwivspex) wrote in trampolining,

Grade 2 - Reading

Today was the grade 2 competition in Reading, so I went up.

I was on first thing, so my whole competition was over and done with pretty early.  My warm ups were all pretty good; much better than they have been in training because I'd had a talk with Claire after training on Wednesday and we kind of sorted out my nerves.  My set went ok, but there was a lot of travel because I was nervous, but my vol was pretty damn good :-).  In the end I was only 0.6 off the retaining score, so hopefully I'll make it in Birmingham.  Liv, are you coming up?

The rest of the day I spent helping Hannah and Claire out, and I got so much closer to them than I ever thought I could.  They're lovely people, and Claire is ::such:: a fantastic coach.  

If you guys do any comps let me know how they go!  Think there is a grading next weekend...there certainly is down here!

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