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Ok, I know this community has been pretty dormant for a while, but I thought I might as well post in here briefly, just in case!

Today has been the best training session I've had in absolutely ages. I've been doing 1n3s in the rig for quite a while now, and after I requalified to grade 2, I promised my coach that I'd take them out of the rig, but ended up being too scared. Today, I reluctanly did 3 in the rig (was shattered and not in the mood) and then got told that I was going to do them out. I then spent about ten minutes with three people trying to persuade me to do it, me jumping and stopping and people just looking at me. One of my coaches nearly had me in tears she was pressurizing me that much, and I refuse to let myself cry of training, and she was majorly pissing me off so I just went for it. It was obviously the right thing for her to do, because it was really good :D:D:D:D I suprised myself so much, and I really did like it! I ended up doing seven onto the mat :D:D It was fantastic! Going to make sure that I work on them every session so that I can keep them good!

My rudis are also getting on quite well - I can do them with a spotter and a mat and keep it in the middle, but my arms automatically keep coming up instead of going down. Anyone got any tips?

Sorry for the long post!

Love Bex
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