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Oh. My. God.

Training today was AMAZING!

I made EVERY set I went for, and they were actually pretty darn good! My fulls were neat, my crash dives were high, my ball out baranis went up! It felt amazing!

After sets/vols though, I went to do a rudi, with someone ready to catch me when I landed, and a matter, and I did it, and fell off! First time I have EVER fallen off in 7 years of trampolining...and it was the funniest thing! I kinda landed, fell, backward rolled off the side, landed on my feet on the mat on the floor, slipped and ended up on my arse! We were all laughing SO much! AND I only hurt my little finger a tiny bit!

Anyway, after that, I got back on, and did 2 full twisting fronts and another rudi. lol.

When I got back on next go, Lyndsey wouldn't let me do rudis, so I did some barani ball outs piked, which were really really fun. session I've had in a LONG while...
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