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So today was the Spirals Interclub Novice competition.

It took me a couple of weeks to persuade my girls to take part, and they were really nervous. They're both 15, and although they can both do Tuck Backs, they entered the grade 6 competition. One was going to do a BSS routine for her vol, but in warm ups, she did one over rotated and one short one, and the head coach (even though she doesn't know Sophie) said really rudely that she wasn't allowed to compete it. Whatever. We switched her routine to the full twist routine which just ends with a FSS.

They were both sooo nervous, and their warmups didn't go great. Jackie was lying second after the set, which she was really suprised about. She has no self-confidence, and is scared of everything, but has beautiful form! I think Sophie was lying 4th out of 5, which wasn't bad. In their vols, they both did amazingly! Jackie ended up winnng, and Sophie pulled up to third! They were both over the moon, and Jackie was in tears! It's so lovely to know that your kids are good and are actually benefitting from your coaching :):):) I'm so happy for them! (and they beat both the senior coaches pupils lol)

Judged for the other two sessions. The first one went really well and I was really close to the other markers which was good, but the last session was a nightmare and I completely lost it. I think I was just tired.

Got to see some of my old pupils compete as well, two with somis! I was so proud of them!


Grade 3,4,5 next weekend.
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